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I’ve been making plans for my 2019 makes & have been inspired by all the lovely Make 9 grids around Instagram this week. I know I’m late to the party but I am more of an impulsive sewist and actually resisted it last year as I didn’t want to be too prescriptive with my sewing and losing my creative flow.

After listening to the Love to Sew Podcast with Gretchen Rubin, aired in November, about personality traits & how it effects how we respond to planning & meeting obligations, I decided to take the 4 tendencies test. Apparently I am a ‘Questioner’ & need good reason to meet expectations and a deadline. I’ve always been a bit cynical of these kind of surveys as people aren’t generally one thing or the other, a lot depends on timing and the situation that you’re in but a lot of the ‘Questioner’ traits did resonate with me:  collecting data, need for clarity, need to know why I am doing something. (It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to set up this blog – I felt I needed all the information & reasons before starting – which prevented me from starting – but hopefully will be the reason that I uphold my commitment to it!)

So, after due consideration I felt that I had a lot of patterns that I already had & wanted to use and lots of fabric that I really needed to get out of my stash, which for me are are good reasons to compile a list matching already owned patterns & fabric, fitting in with my frugal ways!

So without further ado, here are my 9 patterns, the reasons why I chose them & the deadline that I have imposed!

Top L to R – SOI Anna Trench coat, Named Saraste top, Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans
Middle L to R – Named Solina dress, Curtains, SOI Mia Jeans
Bottom L to R – Named Sade blouse, Colette Penny dress, Sew Sweetness Day Trip wallet
  1. Mia Jeans – Sew over it. I made a pair in 2016 & rarely wear them as they are a tad too short. I need a replacement for some black skinny jeggings that have faded to go to a couple of gigs in February but I need to lose at least half a stone first. So I need to diet in January, aided by Dry January! I bought the fabric last summer.
  2. Ginger Jeans – Closet Case Patterns. I made a pair last year, really to check the fit and have worn them a lot, I really need another pair just to have an alternative and already have the fabric. I think I will make the Mias first & then the Gingers straight afterwards, whilst I’m in the jeans making zone. So both of these will be made by the end of January, when I’m svelte-like.
  3. Anna Trench Coat – Sew Over It. I really need an alternative going out coat, as I have worn my beloved Joe Browns coat to death. Again, I bought the fabric for this last Autumn & it’s taking up a lot of room so this will be next on the list, it needs to be sewn before the end of February before Spring starts.(Who am I kidding we were under 6′ of snow last March!)
  4. Sade Blouse – Named Patterns. I want to sew this first out of the New Breaking the Pattern Book, as it’s fairly loose fitting & long sleeved, a bit more wearable for winter/spring. I’ve a couple of fabric options for this – including – wait for it – leopard print – yes it seems I’ve hit that age! I think this & the Mias will be my gig outfit. I may even look for some leopard print boots – for the full on mutton dressed as mutton look – so there!
  5. Saraste Ruffle shirt – Named Patterns. I picked up a lovely chambray remnant that this will look great with. Realistically this a summer top but I also want to sew the long sleeved shirt, I love the cut out on the shoulder, I’ve got lots of shirting cotton in my stash thanks to the Fabworks remnant bin.
  6. Solina – Named Patterns. This is the last Named pattern on my make 9 but I may end up making them all over the course of the year. I love the tie sleeve detail on this & have a lovely chalk blue crepe that I think would be nice. This could be the one that doesn’t get made as I don’t have a specific  occasion to make it for, it will be too fancy for my planned holidays, so I am going to schedule it in for May just to give it a chance.
  7. Penny Dress – Colette. I had the pattern printed back in November & the fabric even longer. I have a special wedding celebration in August which I think this will be ideal for, so this needs making before then.
  8. Day Trip Wallet – Sew Sweetness. I bought the Minikins season 2 & have already made 3 of the patterns, this will be ideal for travel as I can keep my phone & cards in it without lugging a big shoulder bag around. Our first trip is April, so this can be made in March. This only takes small amounts of fabric & I think I have all the hardware, so it will also be a bit of a scrap buster.
  9. Curtains – finally the bedroom curtains –  bought the fabric before Christmas, along with the lining, which has been taking up a humongous amount of room in my fabric drawer, as it is double width. I’m pleased to say that I made these up last weekend and they’re up, so I’m winning already! Told you I was late to the party

So that’s it, Looking back at last years makes, 9 doesn’t seem an awful lot but, these are things that I need & patterns & fabric that I already have, so no excuses really. Obviously I’ll be making lots more & have committed to sew3unsewn initiated by Sam @theruralsewist.

What are your plans – do you plan? Are you a Questioner too, or an Upholder, or Obliger or Rebel, do you think these traits affect the way you do or don’t plan your sewing or do you think it’s all BS? Let me know below.

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